OCS Governance Committee Recruitment

Interested in Joining the OCS Governance Committee?  

Please inquire by August 15, 2021

The Ontario HIV Treatment Network Cohort Study (OCS) is the largest community-governed HIV cohort in Ontario and one of the largest in North America. When researchers apply to use data gathered by the OCS, the Governance Committee evaluates each project proposal for its relevance to the community and the ethics of the intended data use. The governance committee specifically recruits people who represent the priority populations for HIV prevention in Ontario. In an effort to best reflect the communities we serve, the OCS is currently seeking individuals who identify as African, Caribbean and Black men and/or Gay, Bisexual and other Men who have sex with Men.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • a passion for improving the quality of life of people living with HIV
  • an understanding of the importance of research in providing evidence to drive change
  • the ability to weigh the risks and benefits of research
  • an understanding of the importance of confidentiality and privacy for people living with HIV
  • an understanding of the issues affecting people living with HIV
  • a commitment to promoting the work of the study and sharing information and knowledge

We encourage applicants to describe the contributions and lived experience they would bring to the Governance Committee in a short 300-word bio. All information provided by applicants will be kept confidential. If you are interested, please submit a short bio to [email protected].

See the full call for membership here.

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