This particular Quarterly Newsletter (May 2024) goes over its standard two-page long content this time to acknowledge the outgoing OCS PI. Abigail Kroch’s (Abby) departure from the OCS and OHTN. We open the newsletter with a tribute to Abby and her tremendous contributions to the OCS and the Ontario HIV community on behalf of the OCS team, researchers, collaborators, participants, and the community. Next, we introduce and welcome the new OCS Interim PI, Dr. Ann Burchell, new site PI at Hamilton Dr. Marek Smieja, new OCS data collectors, and the new OCS Summer Intern. We also announce the closure of one of the OCS sites, Blue Door, for logistical reasons. On the last page of the newsletter, we share quick facts about the impact of adverse childhood events on the health of people living with HIV (PLWH), 2023 OCS productivity, and the links to the 15 OCS presentations at 2024 CAHR by members of the OCS team and collaborators. Read the full newsletter here.

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